Vocations Awareness Week

The Catholic Church in the United States celebrates National Vocation Awareness Week during the first full week in November.

Ways to Promote Priestly and Religious Vocations

  1. Hold a Holy Hour for vocations.
  2. Include Vocation Awareness components at each grade level of religious education. Each grade can do a special project – some children might interview clergy/religious and write a report.
  3. Include prayers for more priests and religious in the prayers of the faithful.
  4. Send greeting cards to each of the seminarians at the beginning of a new semester, holidays, exam times, closing of a semester, ordination, birthday, holidays, and so forth.
  5. Send spiritual bouquets to priests, brothers and sisters or to seminarians on special anniversaries.
  6. Supply material for bulletin boards – pictures of the seminarians, the pastor or other vocation interest materials ordered from religious orders.
  7. Sponsor poster/coloring/essay contests with prizes and exhibition of results. E.g. can be done with Serra, Knights of Columbus, inter-parish, or inter-school.
  8. Encourage interviews of pastor, priests, sisters, brothers for the school newspaper or parish bulletin…especially on how they discerned their call.
  9. Include a page on the parish web site with vocation information, or listing of sites where vocational topics can be explored.
  10. Create a collage of photos of priests, brothers, and sisters who have come from the parish.
  11. Post seminarian pictures and brief bios in the church vestibule.
  12. Have a vocation prayer printed on refrigerator magnets and distribute to the parish.
  13. Coordinate regional or cluster vocation awareness afternoons, presenting area priests and religious as role models, speakers.
  14. Provide prayer cards for personal prayer for vocations.
  15. Promote the lives of the saints in various ways, e.g. in the bulletin, on the bulletin board, on posters, in a bibliography.
  16. Start a vocation library.
  17. Sponsor presentations, especially by seminarians – in the classroom, at meetings, or from the pulpit. (Arrange through the Vocation Office)
  18. Organize a group trip to a seminary or motherhouse and pray for vocations on the way.
  19. Attend the ordination of a diocesan priest or a profession ceremony.
  20. Sponsor a supper for seminarians. Can be done with a group of high school students or adult men.
  21. Invite a priest to supper to discuss vocations around the family dinner table.
  22. Accept an invitation to accompany a religious sister for a visit of her motherhouse.
  23. Volunteer your services at a fundraiser or festival hosted by a religious community.
  24. Don’t forget to promote vocations to young people in home schooling situations. Provide materials they can use and involve them in the parish or school projects.
  25. Invite the Vocation Director to the parish for a weekend, for Masses and homily on vocations.
  26. Ask 31 parishioners to volunteer to pray the Rosary or attend Mass each day of the month to pray for more priestly and religious vocations.