Ares Jónathan Pérez León

Notre Dame Seminary 2nd Theology

My name is Ares Jonathan Perez Leon, I was born in Mexico, D.F. on January 29th of 1978.

After high school I found myself at a stage in my life when my path began to change, leading me more and more toward our Lord Jesus Christ, I get involved little by little in my family’s difficulties, accompanying them to continuous doctor visits. In taking care of my relatives at night, while they suffered through cancer, I got closer to God, ever more hungry and needed of His Company. I started to attend spiritual retreats frequently, and to participate more in the Eucharist, absorbing currents of Living Water from His Holy Scripture, I attended Adoration, to worship Him in the Blessed Sacrament, and such was my slow process, taking me 8 years to clarify the light inside me, this light being the voice of the Lord Jesus, inviting me to follow in His footsteps, and I started responding little by little to this calling.

I did my Philosophical studies in the Seminary of Morelia. I came to the United States to study English, and I am serving at Holy Rosary Church, happy to be a seminarian for the Diocese of Memphis.