William Gabriel Bouck

Theological College 2nd Theology

I was born in Memphis, TN in 1984 to two very devout Baptist parents. I was very involved with the Baptist church in my childhood and adolescence. Then, when I was in college, I got involved with a non-denominational church.

After going through some tough personal times, and coming up against doctrinal differences I left that church and did not come back to any church until I became Catholic. I distanced myself from God for a several years, but then my sister and her husband became Catholic, and I noticed a change in her, and I soon realized I wanted that, that life-changing experience, I wanted HIM.

I joined the Catholic Church in 2012, but it took me a while longer to ultimately surrender my life to God, but when I did, everything changed for me: I began to pray, I wanted to read God’s Word, I started going to Mass, and I could not get enough. I wanted everything that God would give me.

I attended a retreat at St. Meinrad Seminary and experienced the stirring of my vocation. I got a spiritual director, and through my discernment process, the Lord showed me what it means to fully surrender my will to His, and I realized that His will was to fulfill the needs and desires of my heart in the most profound way, those needs and hunger He had placed there in the first place, so here I am answering the call, now a seminarian for the Diocese of Memphis.