José Alberto Melgoza Verduzco

Saint Augustine Seminary ESL & 3rd Philosophy

My name is José Alberto Melgoza Verduzco,  I am from Mexico City, I was born on March 24th, 1985, and my home parish is St. Joseph Church.

My vocation developed very early in my childhood: my parents brought me closer to God and had me baptized, and then my grandmother nurtured that seed of my faith, by showing me her testimony of Jesus’s love She was the one most concerned with my understanding of the importance of going to mass and receiving the Eucharist. She used to tell me: “In that little piece of Bread, Christ is present, he who gave his life for you and for me”.

My vision of the priesthood is to help all the people God puts in my way, it is a way for me to become an instrument of God, a fisherman of men. Priests in my life always bore witness to Christ’s love, and this helped my vocation mature. I entered the Seminary in August of 2009, and now I am working on my Intensive English classes here at my diocese of Memphis.

This year I am serving in the parish of St. Patrick, which has been great experience for me. This ministry has helped me to improve my English skills. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Diocese of Memphis , which is supporting my formation as a seminarian for the diocese. And I am also very grateful with each person who prays for me, I want you to know that is what strengthens me. May God bless you and multiply everything that you do for me, and for each of the seminarians who are in this diocese. I will pray for all of you.