José Rolando Pérez Mata

Holy Trinity Seminary 3rd Philosophy

My name is José Rolando Pérez, I’m originally from Mexico and was born in October the 8th of 1989. At the age of 14 I moved to the United States. After running out of excuses to answer God’s calling, through His infinite mercy I am now a seminarian for the Diocese of Memphis.

Not only is Memphis the place where I first heard the call, but having lived here for 12 years has allowed me to see the needs of the Memphis Community.
I am answering the call to seminary studies in order to take that deeper step towards discovering God’s plan for me, which at this point, is the next step in this more mature discernment process. It is scary, but also encouraging, to be able to be inspired by other men who, like me, want to answer the call to a priestly vocation.