Martín Santos Lugo Tapia

Saint Augustine Seminary Pastoral Yr in Theology

My name is Martín Santos Lugo Tapia, I was born in October 14, 1981. I am from El Rincón, Municipio El Arenal Hidalgo México, My home parish is “San Nicolás Tolentino” in Actopan Hidalgo, México.

My vocational discerning process began in the year of 2000 because I started to go to mass every Sunday, I sought confession more frequently. I started to assist a youth group and began to take a liking for God things. I began to take part in a group called “Prevention and rescue”, which later on changed name and objectives. I really enjoyed everything I did in the group, I enjoy the opportunity to keep growing and to help others grow as well. In 2005 I met a priest, I saw his service, and his life example and I wanted to live my life the same way. In 2008 a priest invited me to become a seminarian; it excited me, the idea of knowing that I could become a seminarian. In 2009 I began my interview process in Memphis vocational offices and I was accepted as an official Memphis seminarian in summer of 2010. I studied the introductory course in Michoacan Mexico and the Philosophy as well. Then, I began studying theology at The Hispanic Seminary in Mexico City, and doing summer intensive English courses in Canada. Now, I am transferring to St. Augustine Seminary, in Toronto, Canada, to complete my formation.