Scott Bahrke

Theological College 1st Theology

I was born in Watertown, Wisconsin on July 24, 1967, the first child of my parents (or “Angel Number One” as my grandmother affectionately called me). I was baptized as an infant in St. Bernard Catholic Church in Watertown and raised Catholic.

I attended Catholic schools for most of my education and volunteered as an altar server as soon as I was old enough. Mass stirred my young heart, and with the innocent certainty of a child I announced that one day I would be a priest.

My life took a different direction as I grew, though. I graduated high school in New Jersey, and attended college in Virginia, where I spent a year of study in China. Upon graduation I found myself serving as a U.S. Army officer in Germany, with some time spent in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Since leaving active duty, my career has taken me all over the country.

Throughout this grand adventure, though, my faith remained a lighthouse in the sometimes tumultuous seas of life, pointing me ever back to God. Upon moving to Memphis in 2012, I found a spiritual home. God’s quiet whisper that I have heard my whole life became a calling that I had to answer. I look forward to serving Christ in this very special place, the Diocese of Memphis.