For Priests

“It takes one to know one.” Priests often have a charism for recognizing priestly qualities in young men, and can have a profound effect if they invite a man to consider priesthood.

Perhaps the most important way priests promote vocations is by living their priesthood with joy.  A happy priest is an inspiring priest!

A Priest

To live in the midst of the world
without wishing its pleasures;
To be a member of each family,
yet belonging to none;
To share all suffering;
to penetrate all secrets;
To heal all wounds;
to go from men to God
and offer Him their prayers;
To return from God to men
to bring pardon and hope;
To have a heart of fire for Charity,
and a heart of bronze for Chastity
To teach and to pardon,
console and bless always.
My God, what a life;
and it is yours,
O priest of Jesus Christ.

– Fr. Jean Baptiste Lacordaire