Ways priests can promote vocations

x_jesus_eucharistPreach it!

Vocations must be talked about regularly if a “vocation culture” is to take root in parishes and homes. This means, first and foremost, the people need to hear about vocations from priests through homilies, prayers of the faithful, and discussions in the classroom. Vocations kept out of sight are out of mind

Tell your vocation story

People love a good story—especially if it comes from their priest. Make it a point to publicly tell your vocation story. How did God call you? What were the difficulties? What was seminary like? What are the joys of priesthood? Help people understand how you moved from family life into the life of a priest.

Explicitly invite

The influence of a priest is the number one reason cited by newly ordained men as to why they pursued a priestly vocation. Parish priests are in a far better position than the Vocation Director to know they men in their parishes who may be called, to and seriously invite them to discern. >>How to invite

Celebrate vocations

Make it a point to celebrate in your parish at least some of the Church’s three main vocation “events”:

1) Vocations Awareness Week – November

2) World Day of Prayer for Vocations – Good Shepherd Sunday

3) Priesthood Sunday – October.