Overview of Vocations

Part of educating children in the Catholic faith is helping them understand what it means to be called to a specific vocation.  Here is a basic overview of our Catholic understanding of vocation:

Everyone’s Primary Vocation Is to Be a Saint!

The first vocation of every baptized person is to become a saint. While that may seem daunting, the good news is that this vocation does not require any discernment. The Church and Sacred Scripture both tell us clearly and definitively that holiness is everyone’s primary vocation.

Our Particular or Secondary Vocation

The secondary [or particular] vocation refers to the particular state of life in which we are called to fulfill our primary vocation to holiness. This particular vocation normally will have the following characteristics:

  • It has been pre-determined or pre-destined by God
  • It involves permanent commitment
  • It involves sacrificing oneself to serve God and others
  • It is recognized by the Church as a vocation
  • Its purpose is to help others get to heaven

Particular Vocations for Catholic Men

  • Holy Marriage
  • Holy Orders (Priesthood, Diaconate, Episcopacy)
  • Religious Life (Religious Priest, Brother or Monk)
  • Generous Single Life in Christ

Particular Vocations for Catholic Women

  • Holy Marriage
  • Religious Life (Religious Nun or Sister)
  • Generous Single Life in Christ